Principal Investigator

PI: Hakwan Lau

I study why some perceptual and cognitive processes in the brain are conscious while others aren't. Currently I am an Associate Professor of psychology at University of California Los Angeles. I have previously worked at Columbia University as an Associate Professor and the Wellcome Center of Neuroimaging in London (2004-2007), and have done my doctorate at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (2001-2005). I was born and raised in Hong Kong, where I studied philosophy and cognitive science as an undergrad (1998-2001).
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Megan Peters


I received my Ph.D. from UCLA in 2014, having studied multisensory and sensorimotor integration and computational modeling, and joined the Consciousness & Metacognition Lab shortly thereafter. Using computational modeling, psychophysics, and neuroimaging, I study the relationship between perceptual decision-making, confidence judgments, and consciousness.
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Brian Odegaard


I am currently studying the phenomenon of selective attention using online paradigms, applying machine learning techniques to classify single and multi-unit neural recordings, and investigating how visual summary computations influence what we see in a given moment. You can read more about my work on my personal page, found here

Vincent Taschereau-Dumouchel


I will join the Consciousness & Metacognition lab in the winter of 2016 after completing my PhD at Laval University. I am interested in developing a new unconscious exposure-based therapy to treat anxiety disorders using human fMRI.

JD Knotts

Doctoral Student

I joined the Consciousness & Metacognition Lab in fall 2014. I am studying perceptual confidence using psychophysics. Specifically, I am interested in how different visual masking techniques (e.g., continuous flash suppression, backward masking, visual crowding) may differentially affect the relationship between simple visual discrimination sensitivity and confidence. Through this work, I hope to develop reliable methods for dissociating subjective awareness from task performance that can be used to study the neural correlates of consciousness.

Eugene Ruby

Doctoral Student

I joined the Consciousness and Metacognition Lab in fall 2015. I am interested in understanding whether or not distinct cognitive and neural mechanisms mediate metacognition for different mental faculties, and what this tells us about conscious awareness.

Nathan Giles

Doctoral Student

I joined the Consciousness and Metacognition lab in fall 2015. I am interested in developing computational models which emulate human behavior, test hypotheses of metacognitive theory and/or demonstrate optimal solutions to problems of information integration. I'm also interested in fMRI analysis methods and their applications in understanding consciousness and problem solving.

Aurelio Cortese

Doctoral Student

I am a PhD student, working both in Japan (ATR, Kyoto) and at UCLA. My main interest is centered on how confidence is generated in the brain, and toward that understanding I have been integrating psychophysical, neuroimaging (fMRI), and computational neuroscientific approaches. I am a curious person, and I love contemporary art and photography.

Michael Miuccio

Research Assistant

I joined the Consciousness and Metacognition lab in June 2015. I am currently studying the effects of subliminal exposure of a conditioned stimulus on fear extinction using Matlab and Biopac MP150.


Ria Bhatt

Research Assistant

Gabriel Hughes

Research Assistant

Mouslim Cherkaoui

Research Assistant

Yasha Mouradi

Research Assistant

Elisa Dumett

Research Assistant


Jason Carpenter

Research Assistant and Project Coordinator

I am a graduate from UCLA with a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Science. I joined the lab in August 2015 and am working with the lab from abroad at the Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging in London, operating under the direct mentorship of lab collaborator Dr. Steve Fleming. I study the neural correlates of consciousness and metacognition by implementing a combination of psychophysics, fMRI, and computational modelling techniques. A primary role of mine at the Wellcome Trust Center is to coordinate the implementation of neuroimaging (fMRI) research that is developed by the Consciousness & Metacognition lab.

Jorge Morales

Doctoral Student

I am pursuing a PhD in philosophy at Columbia University where I am writing a dissertation on introspection of conscious experiences. Since 2011 I have collaborated with the lab studying attention, consciousness, and metacognition using psychophysics and fMRI. For more, visit my page.

Bill Kowalsky

Doctoral Student

Piercesare Grimaldi



Steve Fleming

Wellcome Center for
NeuroImaging, London

Mitsuo Kawato

ATR, Japan

Notable Alumni

Brian Maniscalco: former doctoral student

Postdoc at NIH

Guillermo Solovey: former postdoc

Independent Researcher at CONICET, Buenos Aires

Liyan McCurdy

PhD candidate at Yale University