We use human fMRI & Bayesian computational modeling to investigate the neural mechanisms for metacognition, in order to understand the nature of conscious perception (Lau & Rosenthal 2011, Lau 2008).

We are considering taking on new graduate students through the Cognitive or Behavioral Neuroscience programs at UCLA Psychology for fall 2016. If you are interested in these areas of research and have the relevant qualifications, feel free to contact us to discuss in advance of submitting your application. Contact hakwan@gmail.com to inquire.

The Lab

Our Lab features the following equipment:

    • SMI REDn Eye Tracking System with Binocular 60Hz REDn Camera Unit, which enables us to create different experiments that interface with MATLAB and collect online data of both behavioral and physiological variables
    • Cognionics 72-Channel Dry EEG Headset System with wireless trigger module and parallel port replicator, which enables us to track and record brain wave patterns
    • Biopac MP150 Data Acquisition System, which enables us to acquire and analyze biophysical data, including recording multiple channels with differing sample rates, with STMISOLA Constant Current and Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator
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